Thursday, June 13, 2013

May 2013 Randoms

According to the "2 minute" rule, if I just sit down and dedicate two solid minutes to updating my blog, I'll build up enough momentum to power through most of the task. Let's see...

To start off, I have a few random pictures to share. The first is this cool Yordan, Yeferson, and I found outside my room on Mother's day. Could it be a new, crazy version of the Mother's Day Hatch (shout out the Madison River)?

It's a grasshopper that looks like a leaf. It even swayed back and forth, as though it were a leaf in the wind. Pretty cool. Shout out to intelligent creation/evolution (playing the fence on this one.., don't want to upset anyone).

And finally, this is a kid I saw playing on my walk home from Caraz to Yuracoto. It's a homemade dirt board/skate board. This could be the next Tony Hawk!

Notice the shoes. These aren't Vann's or from DC.