Friday, June 14, 2013

Pedro and the School Radio

Professor Pedro has been a real spark plug this year. He's the new school auxiliar (disciplinarian), that used to work at Yuracoto a few years back. After bouncing around Caraz for awhile, he's returned to Yuracoto with real fire in his belly. Besides putting amazing events for tings like Dia de la Bandera (Flag Day), he's also the first teacher I've seen to willing stay after school to do projects with the kids. And if kids don't show up, he does small projects to fix the place up. It's been really refreshing to have him around.

For more fun facts, Pedro is originally from Chiclayo, a large coastal city, and has a background in public radio. These two factors combined, make him one of few super outgoing people in my site. He always catches me crushing the school grounds and pulls me into his classroom for a talk. The last chat ranged from human evolution, migration across the land bridge, and if Aliens built Machu Picchu (the talks always have an impressive span).

I see Pedro's oratory comfort as a huge asset, that why I was excited when he set up a "School Radio" It's basically a loud speaker and mic, but its great because he does 'investigative journalism' (where the kids focus on a topic and go out to ask their peers) and a daily news segment (where the kids take turns reading articles from the news paper with music cut in between the articles). Pretty cool, however, I'm embarrassed to share that they wanted to interview me about my work and Peace Corps the day I took these pictures, and declined (I was having a tough day with my Spanish, so I wasn't feeling confident enough to go on the air).

Here's the pics:

Here's Naysha and her co-anchors reading the news. Note how the  co-anchors are timidly hiding. That's part of the reason the school radio is so cool. 

Naysha is one of the first kids I met when I came to town two years ago. Her family owns one of the local stores, and she was part of Christie's youth groups. She pretty outgoing, as this picture shows. My man Pedro on the right with his finger on the button to cut mic and play music between stories. 
 Here's a short video: