Friday, June 14, 2013

School Improvements

Ok, so I've alluded to the school making some notable progress these last few months, and you may be asking why it is. Well, I my opinion, it's because the school's director has been forced to retire. There was a law passed mandating that all school directors over the age of 65 to either step down and return to teaching, or retire. Sr. Florencio, who has always been a top-notch-guy to me*, chose to step down. And with this simple action, I've seen the infighting that existed between the teachers and director get lifted. So with no more pettiness, the teachers have been very animated to do additional projects to improve the school.

They got parents are coming to work around the school, things are getting painted, computer classes are getting started, there's a school garden, and almost any idea I throw at them gets picked up. It's too bad it hasn't been like this before, but it's part of the experience.

Here are few examples of the changes:

Here's Yeferson drawing a snowman on one of the school laptops.  Where has he  ever seen a snowman before?

Here's the kids getting a school garden started. Stayed tuned for after pictures.

* In all fairness to the former director, for most of my service he was the only guy I could rely on. Two summer schools ago, he and I were the only two at the school everyday, and for my first year's youth groups, he was the only one to really show up and lend a hand. I enjoyed his support and help; however, it was tiring having to play them middle man anytime we need both he and the teachers work together. And although he'll be missed, I do see the need for a fresh face to keep the school making advances.