Friday, June 14, 2013

Chacra Workers

One night I came home late from Caraz, it was dinner time and dark, but when I arrived to the house, no one was home. So I went out to the chacra behind the house and found the whole family hard at work turning the soil around the corn. Yes, even Yordan had a little pick and was giving it his best effort. Feeling a little left out, I too grabbed a pick; however, after about 15 minutes, Roger politely suggested we stop, as I accidentally fell a few corn stocks with pretty ugly chops of the pick. Not helping Roger out at all, but surely setting him back some, stopping was fine by me because in just 15 minutes of 'work' I had already gotten a huge blister on my hand (Roger got a kick out of this when I showed it him at dinner).

Yordan showing me how it's done.