Friday, June 14, 2013

Yeferson the Lumberjack

Yeferson cracks me up almost everyday I spend with him. He's always so enthusiastic, and does every at 100 mile per hour (even if it's completely wrong). Lately, thanks to World Cup fever that starting to hit Peru, we've been playing soccer every night in driveway. Yeferson loves it, and I get a giggle out of how much of a little crap talker he is. For a soon to be 8 year old, he talks a lot of smack. I'll make a video of next time we play, but for now, you'll have to do with these pictures and this short video:

These are from when he and I went down to the river one evening to cut and haul firewood. Not wanting to be a social loafer, Yeferson made sure to bring his saw to cut some wood with me. Unfortunately, his saw is one of the plastic tools Cate's dad gave him during his trip to Lima.