Yuracoto Flat Stanley Project

The Yuracoto World Travelers Homepage!

On January 9th, 2012 seven students of Yuracoto School began an educational journey to improve their understanding of the world, and pick up a little English along the way (Its a Geography/Ingles Class). These seven fearless adventurers bravely agreed to submit themselves to the cheapest form of world travel available to us, the postal systems of the World. Yes that is correct, the Yuracoto's summer school class of 2012 is starting a never ending (hopefully) journey around the World, through our own version of the "Flat Stanely" Project (check out the wiki page on Flat Stanleys for more information: Flat Stanley Info).

Our Travelers:                                 Age:               First Destination:

Yoselina Gonzoles                              15                Quebec, Canada

Susy Gonzoles                                   13                Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Yanely Nolasco                                  15                Puerto Rico

Fernando Abila                                    9                Missoula, Montana, USA

Bianor  Zeloya                                    14               Germany

Jaquelin Hanos                                   11                Spain

Fatima Angeles                                   14                Bolivia

Click on each student's link to see their trip reports and travel pictures. And thank you again to everyone who has helped these kids get to learn about the World first hand (kinda). This project wouldn't possible with out you.