Sunday, August 7, 2011

This bandwagon is out of control!

I was walking to the bus stop to catch a ride to Chosica to get my haircut (3.50 S/. = $1.20), when I saw this:

This is Andrias, a fellow resident of Yanacoto, and the president of the "Griz Nation-Peru". Fortunately his mom was nice enough to let me interrupt their family's lunch to hold this quick interview:

Here is the transcription:

Brice: "Hello, Andrias."
Andrias: "Hello."
B: "I'm here with Andrias, and he has a sweater for the Grizzlies, the University of Montana. And... How did you get that sweater?"
A: "My aunt brought it to me."
B: "Ah, your aunt. Are you a fan of the Grizzlies?"
A: "She just brought it to me."
B: "Do you know Marc Mariani?"
A: (Blank look)
B: "Well Marc Mariani is a player for the Grizzlies... and I met him before he was a Blue Pony. Do you know what a Blue Pony is?"
A: (Shakes his head no).
B: "Me neither, but he's famous. Thank you very much for showing me you sweater. Do you have any words for the people of the United States?"
A: "It's cool." (referring to the sweatshirt).
B: "Cool, thanks a lot. Good bye."