Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going Pro

For a guy who found it nearly impossible to set up his office answering machines at work last year, it seems almost comical that I now have business cards AND a stamp! I'm more pumped about the stamp. Now when the mayor or the school director stamps some formal document for me, I can re-stamp it and yell "You can't triple stamp a double stamp!"
Side Note: The quote on the bottom is a 'tip of the hat' to Christie (the volunteer I'm replacing). It's a quote she painted on the bottom of her world map at the market in Caraz (painting a world map is must for all youth volunteers). Now, every time I go to the market, I see her map with this quote, and think about what she's done for me. She stuck around to show me the community before she left (not mandatory), and set me up REAL well. Thanks to her, I have a ton of work to do (a good thing), with a lot a involved people.