Saturday, August 27, 2011

Home Improvements with Roger

Roger is the life blood of my host-family, and I'm pretty sure he never sleeps. He is always the first one up, and the last one to bed. And besides possibly being a machine, he's great mix between Bob Vila and MacGyver. He scavenges and ensembles with the best I've seen. Pat and Jill better hope this Roger never moves on to C st, because they'd have some serious building competition (and Roger would just use the stuff from the 'free box')*.   Case in point the shower he built for the gringo (me), for under 10 dollars. The process is too complicated for me to describe (I just tried, but deleted it), but let me tell you the material list.
2 -6' tubes of 3/4'' PVC Pipe.
1 - On/Off Valve
1- Plastic rain spout for a gardening bucket
1- Old cement platform form a latrine
12- Bricks
5- Wooden poles
1- Long strip of plastic painter's tarp
1- Plastic presidential campaign banner (Kieko Fujimori, who lost earlier this spring)
2- Small pieces of metal roofing
1- Black cloth mesh used for building cuy and rabbit coops.

Here's a picture and a video will soon be made:

Additional Shower Notes:
Roger wants to use the metal roofing and more tubing to make it a solar shower. He's talking about installing a second valve connected to tubing, which will be snaked across the metal roofing material, and heated by the sun... should work.
Dina and Roger both took their first showers the day after he put it in. Jefferson is afraid of the falling water. They've never bathed this way before (they're use to doing the bucket bath thing), so it funny to hear them talk about the showering experience. I guess I've always taken that for granted.
Roger is talking about building me another shower closer to my door, so I don't have to walk the whole 25 feet across the drive way. Either he thinks I'm the laziest person ever, or he really enjoyed the project; you take your pick.

* The major inside joke for the Seeley Lakers is because the cabin has been on my mind since I'm missing Karen's Wedding. Good luck Karen and Dave.