Thursday, August 4, 2011

Love in Yanacoto

Peace Corps has three broad goals, the last two have to do with an intercambio (exchange) of cultures (learning Peru's and sharing America's Culture/Sharing Peru's culture with America). So, when a kid in the neighborhood Felix (aka Cuervo = Crow) professed his love to Amanda* through the use of a giant mural, I was surprised that she didn't like it. I think I'd be flattered (a feeling a sense of accomplishment), but I guess could be a little embarrassing to have to walk past this everyday on your way to, and from, training.

* Amanda and Yanacoto is an interesting side story... There are 3 Amandas in our group, one has fluent Spanish, and this one had little to none. Typically the people who have higher language skills are placed in Yanacoto (being 45 minutes away from the training site), while those just starting to learn Spanish are more sheltered in Santa Eulalia (where the training site is). Due to a mix up, this Amanda (with little Spanish skills) was placed in Yanacoto and has done a pretty great job of fending for herself. (It must have been love that brought them together).