Sunday, August 28, 2011

Odds and Ends

Minor Quake During School:
During my second day at site, while the health post was giving an all day charla, there was a 6.6 earthquake in northern Peru. We felt the trembles, and all calmly walked outside to wait for a few minutes. It was interesting to see the school's reaction, and it gave me a moment to discuss planning for emergencies. No injuries, and just one small crack in the school's ceiling. No picture is  available due it it being a charla and kinda a serious deal. 

Walking to School with Jefferson
Jefferson has a hard time reading, writing and doing math; so needless to say, he also has a hard time going to school. However, he seems to like the attention he gets when he goes with his big brother. Here's Jefferson and I on our way to school. 

Cuy Being Born
When cuy are born there are two possible reactions (depending on your current hemisphere). Either it is: "Awe, look at the cute baby guinea pigs!", or "Yes, more food!". Due to my current location, these are future Cuy Picantes. Side note: My host mom is buying some rabbits this week. Ol' MacDonald has nothing on Dina.

Pasos Group
Shout out (again) to Christie for hooking me up with this group of kids and the school director. They are youths (hence the youth development program) that have completed a 3 month long after school course addressing sexual, physical, and mental health (ie. self-esteem, family planning, safe sex, effects of drugs, etc.). Now they are with me, and are health promoters ( they are going go into classes to talk to their peers about the same stuff). They are a bunch of characters who are fun to work with, and something most volunteers don't find until the end of their service. Another big huray for Christie (who is probably currently  dancing the tango and drinking mate with a underwear model/professional soccer player, as she travels for the next two and half months,seeing Argentina and Brazil. Christie, if you're reading this, remember what you learned while teaching Pasos).