Monday, August 22, 2011

Swearing In

Before anything, I have a new mailing address since I am now an official volunteer! See the updated page with the new mailing info.

So finally after 10 weeks of training, I'm now a Peace Corps Volunteer for Peru 17, and Peru 17 was the first group since Peru 4 (2004) to have all of the aspirantes (aspiring volunteer trainees) to make it to swearing in day.
The ceremonies were nice (one on Thursday to thank the host families, and one on Friday to actually swear in).

Friday was the big event, with the US Ambassador headlining. There were nice speeches and some formalities. But in the end it was a little sad, as it sunk in that you and your friends from training aren't going to be together any more, and that in less than 24 hours were all going to spread with the wind to random places all over the country (with some facing a 23 hour bus ride to their sites, mine is only 8 hours). It was also sad having to say good by to the Hinajosa Family. They treated me really well in Yanacoto, and I was hard to express my appreciation. My departing gift was 4 framed pictures of the 4 aspirantantes they had their homes, with a note from each thanking them. Gregoria loved it.

Now I'm off to Ancash for the next 730 days of my life.

Me with Gregoria and Gloria at Swearing In Day

Gregoria and I
The Oath of a Peace Corps Volunteer.
The families of Yanacoto saying good bye to their respective kids. I'm wearing a black cowboy hat that Don Poncho gave to me (For Black Beauty and when I dance at weddings).

(Also blog posts and emails may be less frequent for the next few weeks as I figure out my new site and where to find internet).