Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flag Day and Los Policias Escolares (School Police)

Dia de Bandera (Flag Day) is a celebration here in Yuracoto with marches, speeches, and toasts (typical of most special days in Peru); however, the big difference here is that the school police (kinda like very specific hall monitors for each grade) are awarded their uniforms. For me, it was cool because Yeferson was named the officer for his class.

Since my two years here with the Pachacamacs, I've seen Yeferson really grow as a student. I clearly remember my first days, when Yeferson only got excited about school when I was new and he could show me off. He wasn't achieving much in class ("Walking Jefferson to School" ) , and Dina was convinced he'd never read. Now Yeferson is part of the school police, excited about school, and often brings home good notes from school. This is easily my biggest point of pride when I look back at my time here in Yuracoto.

Here are some pictures of the celebration (note Roger too has gotten into capturing the moments).

With Cuy,...

...and beer,  the teachers are set. 

Loudspeakers. Emphasis on LOUD.

Meanwhile, the kids march for the parents. 

Future leader of Peru. Yeferson Pachacamac

Yordan and his favorite toy. 

Roger filming with Yordan directing. 

Professor Lumbre giving a speech. 

The raising of the flag. 

Roger getting every shot possible. 

Roger catching a break during the shoot. 

Yordan with his dad. 

The kids marching out of the ceremony.