Thursday, July 25, 2013

Huaylas Fiesta

To go celebrate Jeff's last big bang in site, Cate and I went up to Huaylas to meet up with him and some other volunteers for his town's fiesta. Of all the small town celebrations I've seen in Ancash, this is my personal favorite. The town of Huaylas is a tight knit community with about eight barrios (neighborhoods) that compete to see who can out party the other. The crown jewel of the fiesta being the boats from each barrio that are paraded through town to music with the barrio dancing in front of it. It was fun, and a must do if your here at the start of July. Here are few pictures:

One week a year there's a small traffic jam leading into Huaylas. 

These two volunteers seem very happy. I wonder why?

Waiting for boats to come down to the plaza. L to R: Tyler, Ali, Kelly, Keren, Cate, and Jamie. 

The boats start arriving to the plaza. 

The Yacup (Jeff's barrio) Boat arrives. 

Jeff is excited!

There are about twenty drunks carrying each boat, while dancing and drinking. Funny and a little dangerous. 

Jeff and Cate. 

The barrio of Yacup begins to dance with their boat. Jeff is in the blue, Jeff's host-mom is the one that looks like she is getting squished. 

Kelly, jeff's mom, Jeff and Cate dancing. 

The barrio of Yacup. 

Jeff's host-mom always stays close to the volunteers to help us out. 

After a quick fall, the boat keeps cruising.

Each barrio contract a marching band to accompany the boat to the plaza. This guy's hair must have been included in the contract. 
Yacup Corazon!

The boat passing by the fireworks. 

The legs of the boat are looking pretty wobbly. 

Why is Jeff going to the bathroom?

Probably because of street food like this.