Monday, July 22, 2013

July 2013 Randoms

Trying to sort my pictures and videos into usable blog posts often leaves me with a few square pegs in a round world. So here's this month's wild-hairs:

Getting new projects off the ground or trying to revive old projects have been tough, as there has been significant school troubles combined with my service coming to an end. So I've reverted back to teaching an After-School English Club.
This is the rough schedule of my English classes that I teach twice a week: Homework, Review, Brice Teaches (something new), Break, Practice and Questions. 
 Caraz has a few hotel options; however, I recommend San Marcos, which is owned by Anna and amazingly nice lady that has always treated Jeff and I with great kindess during the last two years.
Here's Anna with her kids. Anna is wearing a wind breaker my folks sent her to tank her for her kindness. 

And now a video of Yordi playing with some of his legos: