Friday, May 10, 2013

Welcome back to the best, least updated, blog on the World Wide Web.

I'm going to skip the apologies about the lack of blog posts and get straight to the updating. The day is  only getting shorter, and I've got things to tell you about (I'm in for a long day of misspelling words, and trying to remember English grammar... please bear with me). In the next few clicks you'll read riveting stories about: my trip to the Jungle; my big brother's visit to Peru**; my parent's rediscovering Incan ruins**; and adventures of Yeferson and Yordi. So grab a comfortable chair and get ready to fast forward from mid-March to mid-May... we'll call it time traveling.

** I guess I will do an apology. I don't have my family's pictures from their trip, and my camera was out of action for most of the time, so those two updates will have to be put off until the complete documentation is available.