Saturday, May 11, 2013

Yefer's Motivation

During Yeferson's trip to Lima (as of now, the highlight of my service), Cate's dad gave him an old bike that has been past through multiple kids in their family, and is now perfect for Yeferson. It had been storage, so it was a little rusty but still in great shape.

However, since the Y-man was loaded up with gifts and toys (shout out to Cate's family) during that trip, we decided it would be best to hold off on giving him the bike until he earned it. And earned it he did. We had bought him a small handwriting text book in Lima to work on his cursive writing, and so the agreement was: finish the book, and you can have the bike. Yeferson plowed through the book in about three weeks.

Adam and my dad spent some time cleaning up the bike when they were here, and then it was handed over to Yeferson. It's just a little too big right now, but he'll grow into it. Here he is, with Yordi, taking it for his first cruise (he's the envy of the neighborhood). You'll see in one of the pictures that he needs to stack rocks to get on the bike.