Saturday, May 11, 2013

Game Night

Thanks to Jill (happy mother's day) there is a new favorite past-time in the Pachacamac household: Playing cards. Along with some super cool Spanish kids books, jerky (gone in two nights thanks to a major lack of will-power), and a soccer shirt, she sent me a deck of kid friendly cards to play games like rummy, go fish, and memory; and they're a huge hit.

It's fun to see Roger come home around 6 and join us (Yeferson, Jenny the neighbor girl, and I) for some simi-competitive games of go-fish and Memory. Meanwhile, Dina watches and unmercifully criticizes foolish plays (without fully understanding the games). In my opinion, it's a great alternative to the typical pass time of watching scandalous news programs or trashy soap operas.

Also, I'm slightly proud to say that I'm currently undefeated in Memory (I know, I should probably let the 7 year old child win once and a while, but I don't want to). It's just such an ego boost when Yeferson exclaims that I must have a 'super brain' and that 'one day' he'll beat me. Youth development folks, that's my specialty.

L to R: Yordan, Roger, Yeferson, and Jenny playing Memory.

Two things to note in this picture. Yeferson's admiring gaze as his dad  puts a pair of pictures together. And the second, which isn't visible, but when I see this picture,  I can hear Roger's giggle as he successfully plays the game. Roger's giggle cracks me up.