Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dina's Yunsa

The weekend before Yeferson's big trip to Lima, Dina and the other ladies from the barrio (neighborhood) threw a Yunsa for Yuracoto. While Cate and I planned out Yefer's time in Lima for the last month, Dina spent the last two month planning (and hyping up) her Yunsa.

Maybe you remember from last year that a yunsa is a party where the neighborhood decorates a tree in a field with money, plastic wear, and other household items; then, the town drinks and dances around the tree, taking turns trying to fall the tree with an ax. When the tree falls, everyone rushes the tree and takes what ever good they can successful rip away. Those who partake in the chopping one year are obligated to chip in for next year's tree. That's how Dina got involved in this year's event.

In total, there were about 6 families involved. Each family donates plastic wears and other household goods, 250 soles, and kills at least 6 cuy for the feast (a high price for anyone around here).

I like Yunsa for the buzz prior to the party, and seeing the tree decorated in all it's glory; however, after a point (which is typical of fiestas here in Yuracoto), the drunkenness is off the charts and the party turns a little ugly. Therefor, when the sunsets, and it gets too dark to take pictures, I escape without a word. This year was no different. Here are the pictures from the even:

L to R: Yeferson, Aunt Anna, and Roger getting ready to haul our family's contributions to the field (about 1K away).

The kids getting ready for the fiesta. 

Me making the walk to the field. 

The family on their way to the Yunsa.

Waiting for Yordan to get his flat tire fixed.

Cate teaching the boys how to log surf. 

Hard to see from this pic, but the rain was pretty strong, delaying the party by a few hours and significantly increasing the drunkenness. 

The tree was finally ready, just before dark. 

The last picture, just before the boys, Cate, and I escaped home.