Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Finally the Titanic Sunk... again.

So the third time was a charm with our Hauripampa Movie Night. Leo and Kate did it again. Falling in love at the worst possible spot in just about 3 hours. The kids loved it, and it was an overall great experience as students finally were able to successfully complete their first movie night. The only downside was that my cell phone walked away during intermission while I was changing to the 2nd disc of the movie. I'm not mad, but if I had to point a finger, John Cameron would have to take to take the blame. Really, did the movie need to be that long? Two discs, in my opinion, was two discs too many.

Here's a shorter video of the start of the night. Try to ignore the popcorn on my lip. It was so good, I was just saving it for later.