Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ancash Thanksgiving 2012

This year's Thanksgiving was pretty nondescript. In fact Thanksgiving Thursday was really boring. Due to some shoulder pain, I spent most of the day hanging around the clinic in Huaraz. Don't worry, it's nothing serious, just a little discomfort as I was diagnosed with Level 5 Awesomeness with a severe deficiency in humbleness.

So with my Thursday shot, I was excited to get out on Friday and do a little hiking. There were a lot of  Peace Corps volunteers passing through for the holidays, and Ben and Katy (Peru 18ers) organized a nice hike for us, above their site. The hike, as with most hikes I've done around here, was spectacular. We climbed for 3 hours up one of the canyons behind their house to a couple of mountain lakes. Besides the fact that we went well above 4,000 meters and all 15+ volunteers made it (impressive considering the Turkey Day Celebration didn't end for most until 5:00am that morning), I am very happy to report on the following: I caught my first Southern Hemisphere fish!!!

Boy, I'm happy I brought my fly rod to Peru. That's right, a nice 12-14'' rainbow on a small beadhead fly quickly made up for all the embarrassming times I had to explain what the green tube on my backpack was since leaving for the Peace Corps in June 2011 from Washington, D.C. ("No it isn't a gun, golf club, flute, yoga mat or whatever else; its a fly rod").  Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of my trout, as I was trying to release it back into the water as fast as possible. However, I did get a picture of Nico's trout that he caught (using my fly rod... so I get half the credit). Here are some pictures and videos from the hike:

The Crew before leaving Ben and Katy's site. 

Huascaran in the distance.

One of Ben and Katy's neighbors out for a stroll. 

We headed up the canyon to the right.

David and I. We're both bothers from training as we both lived with the Hinajosa Family. He's in Peru 18. This is a shot for our training Mom. 

Leaders of the pack. L to R: Jamie (Peru 19), Conner (Peru 19), Ben (Peru 18), and David (Peru 18). 

Snow capped mountains are a must in Ancash. 

This huge rock wall was for the sheep was pretty impressive.  


Last break before pushing to the lake. 

Resting and looking at the first lake after finally making it. 

Me fishing at the first lake after my quick Naked Lake Jump. After this weekend, I now have 9 NLJs. 

Conner trying his hand at fly fishing. 

Nico's (Peru 19) monster.
Arrived back at the base of the valley for dusk.

The last picture before dark.