Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bon Voyage Sarita!!

So by now Sara Jane and Peach are long gone. As I type this, they're probably settled in (on her parent's couch) in Indiana counting the days down to Christmas, checking their emails for job offers, and wondering how big of a snow man they're going to make today. It's a little intimidating  how quick things can change. One day you're speaking short sentences of Quechua that took you two years to learn, harvesting peas, and pining for home; and then a few days later you're in a pine forest (of maybe some corn field), stuffing your face with Christmas cookies, and giving long drawn out speeches about about the last two years of your life. Transitions can be tough (as you'll see in the next paragraph). 

To help ease the transition, Sara made a small 'bucket-list' of things she wanted to get done before leaving site. I won't bore you with how many libraries built, trees planted, or environmental issues solved were on that list, but I will share the last line on the checklist: Float the Asequia (Ditch). 

That's right, before her last good-byes in site, Sara needed to make good on one last personal goal. Float the giant ditch the runs through her town, behind her house and past the school; and of course I had to see how it turned out.

Luckily for you (and me), Sara is great at making videos on her computer. So to save you the dirty details about the effects of cold water, the still vivid feel of scraping of our butts along the cement bottom, and the "you crazy gringos" looks we got from her neighbors, you guys can just watch this great trailer Sara made for the big adventure:

Finally, I'd like to share these last two pictures of from the end of the float. We floated from Sara's house, down past the school, and ended at Flor's house. Flor is Sara soccio (she works in the municipality) and Sara best friends ever. Unfortunately, Flor wasn't home on our arrival, but fortunately for us,  her adorable mother was. Flor's mom is a great person that obviously loves life and anyone she meets. So, when two wet and cold gringos appeared on her lawn she was more than happy to allow us to take a seat and warm up on her patio. In addition to never calling us idiots, she was also more than obliging to pose for the following two pictures, of which are now two of my favorite pictures of my entire service, up to this point. Take a look at this pictures and ask yourself two things: do you think this lady has every considered floating in an inner tube? And, what would you do if two complete foreigners washednup soaking wet in your back yard, and then asked you in horrible English to pose with them for a photo? I guess you never know until it happens. Enjoy: