Friday, November 16, 2012

The Gringo's Return

After a much needed, and well worth it vacation, the Gringo has made his return to Yuracoto. And thanks to family back home, he arrived bearing gifts! As typical of my host-family they loved everything, and spend ridiculous amounts of time examining the goods speculating in awe how they came "all the way from the United States!" However, Dina's stock response was my favorite, basically it was something along the lines of: "Gracias Brice, we just ran out of (whatever the gift was)!". No matter if it was a pair of socks, or a set of head lamps they had never had before.When the dust settled, the gifts that stole the show where Yefer's and Yordi's pajamas. The boys love them, and they look super cute dancing around in them. You can't help to smile when Yefer get excited about bedtime because he get's to throw on his footed PJs. Here's the pics.

Yeferson with his new socks.

Yefer's new favorite thing to take to school: His vest.

The boys in their PJs

The Pachacamac Family