Friday, November 16, 2012

The tooth brushing dance?

I received a fairly long email from Sara Jane last week that had the following statement at the end:

"In summary:  please come to Huaripampa around 10 and if I'm not in the
plaza come to the Jardin and help me do the circle-brushing dance."

Do you know how the circle-brushing dance goes? Don't worry, I didn't either. In fact, I think it's safe to say Sara had no clue either. 
Sara Jane has only about 3 more weeks left of her service, and although I think was already a little wacky (in a good way... if any of you are looking to hire her to be your next park ranger), I couldn't help to think that the 'end of service crunch' was getting to her

Sara Jane had more than 20 toothbrush and tubes of toothpaste sent to her, which were meant to be given out as gifts; however, as her time here in Peru comes to an end she needed to get rid of them quickly. That's where the Jardin (kindergarten) class in Huaripampa, myself, and the circle-brushing dance come in. 

Basically, Sara Jane coordinated a quick 20 minute charla to do for the kindergartners in Huaripampa, which included a tooth drawing (done 10 minutes prior to the charla, by yours truely) and a dance (explained by Sara, performed by me) explaining the different brush strokes you can use to make sure your dientes (teeth) and gums are clean, healthy and. most importantly, happy. 

Here's a few pictures:

Drawing time in the Plaza. It's  a tooth, trust me.

Sara in front of the Kindergarten building.

The kiddos finishing up their snail puzzles.

Sara and I showing our pearly whites. 

Some happy recipients. 

Action shot. 

The group shot, please note the tooth in the background.