Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mind Tricks

Sometimes you have to ask yourself "Where are you?", and sometimes your mind plays tricks on you.

With that said, let me place you in my shoes for a brief second. You've got your eyes closed. You're dripping wet, in your swimsuit, with beach towel pressed to your face. The water was chilly, but it feels good on this hot day as the strong sun hits your skin. You can hear a slight afternoon breeze in the trees, and can't help to wonder if this wind will stay strong all afternoon. In honestly, you can't help to think 'this is going to be a great sailing day'. You can smell that fond scent of a fresh campfire. In the distance you can hear motors zooming past, some sound small (the size of jet ski) and others are large (typical ski boat sized). For the moment it seems like it's going to be another great day at the lake.

...Then you open your eyes and realize that you're in Yuracoto, Peru. Days/Months away from lake. You're taking advantage of the first non-rainy afternoon in a couple of days to shower. Dina's cooking lunch, and you're hearing the large mining trucks and motorcycles ripping along on the highway. Not Seeley Lake, but still pretty cool. This is probably the closest I ever get to feeling consistently homesick. Nothing serious.

So when Jeff mention the idea of having a campfire on Friday, I jumped at the chance. Nothing like a campfire to remind you of those great Montana summer nights at the lake. We invited the two closest volunteers, Kelly and Jamie, roasted hot dogs and made 'Smores. It was interesting to hear how the others were also craving a campfire. I guess it's something we all have good memories of.