Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Dina Make-Over Show

Sometimes I forget that Dina and I are the same age. Her life is, and has been, so different than my own, that I often don't think about how she'd probably like doing "girly" things. Luckily, this is where Cate comes in. Cate showed up last weekend with a ton of her old cloths to give Dina (which I could see from the extra glow in Dina's eyes, she loved)* and then topped it of with a manicure session. Dina seems to love everyone, but Cate truly won her heart with this.

*Dina saves her best outfits for Sunday when gets to get out of the house and go to market in Caraz. As she was opening the suitcase, she was already setting aside new "Market Outfits".

Here's some pictures:

Yefer getting excited for his mom's new outfits.

Dina shows one of the many new outfits. 

Dina and the boys on Sunday. These jeans and this shirt were both gifts that she was excited to wear to market.

Of to market she goes... very content. 

Cate and the family.

Dina getting her nails done.

Probably the first time Dina has had her nails done in a longtime, possibly ever.

The end results. 

One happy customer.

Even Roger got a new sweatshirt from Cate's dad. He's been wearing this to work almost everyday.