Saturday, October 6, 2012

Busy Beavers

Getting woken up to pounding, chopping, digging, kids screaming, or huayno music at 5:00am is pretty normal here in Yuracoto, pero (but) when it doesn't stop after about 7:30 when Roger goes to work, then that means there a day long project in the works. Yesterday's project was logging.

When I went out to inspect the scene, I found that  Roger had climbed about 30 feet up a tree, tied a rope around it, and now he was chopping on the trunk while my 'Papachi' (Quechua for granddad), whose about 70 years old, was pulling on the rope to insure the tree wouldn't fall onto the house... needless to say, I decided to help tug as well.

They decided to cut the tree for two reasons: they're afraid that it could have fallen on the house in a windstorm, and Dina needed wood. Here's some pictures:

Roger finishes falling the tree.

Papachi looks on.

Roger, the lead beaver.

Papachi and Roger

Papachi clears the cut branches

Roger chops...

Papachi nubs (shout out to Mariah)