Saturday, October 6, 2012

A trip to the Hot Springs

There is a very interesting hot springs an hour's walk past Sara site, that I had heard about, but never checked out. So last weekend, Sara, Cate, and I went to take a dip. What it is, is a small spring flowing into two small pools, with a really cold creek running near by. To adjust the temperature, the rock dams are rearranged to regulated the cold to hot water ratio.

There's also an abandoned structure nearby with a cement pool, changing rooms, and rooms for private baths. Apparently, the two nearest towns built this to be a tourist site about 5-10 years ago, but it didn't workout. However, it surprising that it was abandoned, as the building materials alone are worth a lot, especially this high up in the Sierras.

Another interesting note, is the litter surrounding the place. There are a ton of soap wrappers and empty individual packets of shampoo all over. Sara and another volunteer tried to address this, with little success. However, it's funny to hear her tell the story about how they tried to hold a "natural spa day" at the hot springs, and how the local women didn't take too well to it. From Sara's perspective, using natural ingredients like avocados, sugar, and eggs for face wraps, hair conditioners, and skin rubs seemed like it would be a environmentally friendly hit. To the woman that attended, it just seemed like a dumb waste of food. You win some and you lose some.

Peaches leading the way down to the hot springs.

Sara explaining about the flood. 

This valley bottom used to have trees and grass until a flood hit earlier this year , raking everything away.

Cate at the old, neglected pool. 

Cate in front of the old hot springs buildings.

Sara testing the water. 

Cate near the hot springs flow. 

Cate with some local children in the pool behind her.

Cate and I at the hot springs.

Cate and Sara in the lower pool. 

The hot springs team: Brice, Cate, and Sara.

Soaking in the lower pool.
Peaches declined to get in.

Nice sunset in as we soaked.