Saturday, October 6, 2012

Random Update

I think I'll end this marathon blog updating session with these last two pictures. I couldn't really fit them in other up dates, but I think they deserve to make the cut.

I've been harping on Yefer to take care of his toys, so he asked his dad to build him a box for his toys. Instead Roger did him one better.

Cate caught this lizard in my room and then thought about taking it Lima. Luckily for the lizard, she didn't take him to the big city and he's still running free in Yuracoto (albeit with a significantly shorter tail, which is also still in Yuracoto).  

 Also I'd like to share some good news: The teacher strike is said to be ending, and classes will start again this Tuesday!!! I guess to make up for the missed days, they're planing on holding afternoon sessions and a few Saturday class. Anyone want to take bets if our teachers will stick to the obligated extra classes? No opinion offered here.