Friday, February 10, 2012

Punu Siki

Ever try to learn a foreign language? Ever try to learn a foreign language in a foreign language? That's how our Quechua classes are. Last weekend, we had a 3 day course to expose us to basic sentence structure, various verbs and verb tenses, and few key nouns. Basically, it was a nice introduction to the necessities and a few fun phrases to bust out on the combi (bus) or with the older Quechua-hablantes (Quechua speakers) in our communities. However, I am no where near as good at Quechua as I am in Spanish, but I'm now able to catch a few of the verbs when people speak, giving me an idea of the conversation.
Our instructor Orlando breaking it down for us gringos. 

I guess now I know how someone from Europe goes through the language learning process. By the way the title of this post can be roughly translated as sleepy ass. I told you I learned the necessities.