Sunday, February 12, 2012

Package Love

Due to various reasons, I haven't been able to pick up my mail in the capital city since the 1st week of January, so when I was getting reports from my fellow volunteers that I had a lot of packages waiting for me, I was pumped. Four in total!!! I just had to listen to the, generally very nice, mail lady chew me out because I took so long to pick them up.

All the packages were great, but the one from my mom with the various gifts from Uncle Pat was the biggest hit with my fellow volunteers. We always share our goods, and they loved the random items that graced my birthday box, specifically the baseball team hats. Jeff and Nico, both big Angles fans were probably the happiest.

Jeff is the one not saluting like a big dork. 

One last note on volunteers sharing mailed goods (read: strong hint here): We've heard that it's Girl Scout Cookies season back home, and it's pretty comical how we spend time either debating which is the "Best Girl Scout Cookie Ever" or fantasizing about how cool it would be to see a girl scout walking around one of our communities looking for a motivated buyer (such as ourselves).  So, I just ask that you take time to appreciate the luxuries that we sometimes take for granted back home. Support a local troop, buy a box, and enjoy the taste of knowing that you are helping one of the largest girl-ran businesses in the country; and you happen to have a spare box of Samoas or Thin Mints laying around, I know a few people that would love to help you out with them (here's the mailing address for you convenience: Lost Cookies Shelter  ).