Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Count Too?!

So the census people came around my neighborhood on Monday to take a count and interview everyone who lives in the barrio of Yuracoto. I think the lady doing the survey was pretty surprised to see a gringo come to the door when she was standing in the driveway calling "Senior o Seniora!!"; however, I think I was more surprised when she said that she need to interview me too. Apparently after 6 months I'm a resident as well. Here's a picture of the lady asking me questions. None of which were too tough (how do you cook? do you have electricity?), but we did get in a little argument over my age (after telling her my birth date, she wrote down age 27. I brought the error to her attention and then she changed to 26. Then she refused to change it when I explained that 28 is right, but even 27 would be closer.), I guess she won that one.

Getting counted.

The proof on my door I was counted.