Friday, December 16, 2011

Nice kicks!

I vividly remeber when Adam and I would get to go to Payless Shoes, near the old Black Sheep Sporting Goods store in Missoula, to buy our new shoes. It was a big deal for us, as we usually picked out the coolest looking pair, and then tested them by running around the store jumping over the stools, to varify that they made us run faster and jump higher. So when Yeferson got a new pair of ¨Air Surfs¨ (S/.13 or about $5)*, I couldn´t help to recognize his excitement for getting to go to school on Monday and show them off. Here´s a quick video I made before he headed to school on Monday:

* He really wanted a pair with lights in them, but Roger in Dina had to deny this request as they cost twice as much and the lights usually stop working with in the first week of use.  I too remember getting this same response from the fianciers when I wanted a pair of Reebok Pumps. Somethings just never change.