Friday, December 30, 2011

New Table(s)

For two hundred soles, Roger bought two new tables. One for us to eat on (instead of the boulder the kitchen is built around), and one for Yerferson to use as a desk where he can learn to read (this seriously part of the problem, he has no consistent place to do his work). Roger was very proud of these purchases, and we all showed great pride while making a big fuss over setting them for the first time for our Christmas meal. Here is the new tables, the old table, and the few shots from Christmas dinner:

This is our old table, that will not be removed anytime soon.

This is our new table, in the new dinning room, which was previously our mud room.

The Christmas dinner setting.

Clockwise Staring with Yeferson: Yefer, Dina, Roger, Brice, Liz, and Jeny (she usually smiles better. I think the flash tricked her).