Friday, December 30, 2011

It's as easy as riding a bike...

Yeferson is 7 and his parent's have decided that its time for him to see the world, so they did what anyone would do, and gave him a fixed up/used bike... but to Yefer it's not a used bike, it his bike. After proudly placing about a dozen Power Ranger stickers on it (all of which fell off in less than a day, making the driveway look like some sort of Power Ranger sticker graveyard), he was ready to (learn to) ride. With the occasional push from his mom, dad, neighbor, or big brother. he's doing pretty good at balancing for about 5 meters before hitting a rock or pot hole and falling over... he still hasn't figured out the pedaling part yet.

Here' a few pictures of Dina teaching the Y-man to ride:

P.S. Yefer's bike only has one good break, that is too hard for him to squeeze; so basically it has no breaks. With that said, I've seen some pretty spectacular crashes that make me think I should try to fix the breaks when I get back... I'll keep you posted.