Monday, October 3, 2011

School Dance Competition

Competition could be a misnomer, as it seemed to be more of a show or concert put on by each grade level. It reminded me of being invited to you're neighbor's kid's Christmas recital. However, the town was excited, and since very few people have cameras (or least ones that take decent pictures), I was asked by a lot of parents to take a picture of their kids. On a related note, a lot of people know me as the gringo with the camera; however, I on the other hand do not have the luxury of so easily identifying the rest of my community. Needless to say, I don't know half the people that asked me to film their kid, or their kid. So what I ended up with is 84 pictures of random kids dancing.

To save you somewhat from the tedium, I'll only present this 10 minute video of the kids dancing. Feel free to skip through it, there won't be a test. However, if you have time, check out the Neil Diamond-isc fellow dressed in green at 3:05 into the video. Yep, that's our hero Yeferson, showing a few of the ol' family dance moves.

School Dance Video