Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Highs and Lows

Peaks and valleys, strikes and gutters, brown trout and foul hooked whitefish... there is always a good and a bad. While the following are not great examples of how high the highs are, or how low the lows are, I just thought they gave a little insight to my PC life.

This busted shoe was the capstone to a horrible week. It really was almost the straw that broke the Montanan's back. But how pissed can you really be when you sit on a rock by your latrine and catch a sunset like this with you little host brother?

The "Y-man" being a big ham. 

 2 days and 3S/. later that shoe was back in action and was as good as new.

Here is another example of the little things getting to me. Polladas (chicken feed) are often used to raise money in Peru.  So when the APAFA (PTA) at the school held one, they mandated that every family HAS to buy two plates (definitely taking out all the guess work of the pollada's success). So to save my host mother from having to drag Yordan to school and buy her two plates, I offered to buy them for her. The end result was me standing in the none moving line for 2 hours, during the heat of the day, not enjoying life. Here is the resulting video made from frustration:

However, not to be outdone, this low was soon matched by the high of having all my health promoters take the time to come to Caraz on Friday after school to listen to a Charla presented by the municipality. I was so happy that they all showed up, and where so respectful during the 2 hour charla, that I found myself enjoying their game of tag, almost as much as they were, as we made the 30 minute walk back to Yurocoto. Here's the video: