Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bricks, our bread and butter.

In Yurocoto, I see very few means of making a living. Besides the chicheria (place that sells alcohol), the only other negocio (business) I see striving is the brick business. We have about 15 fabricas in the town, each employing about 3-5 people. Apparently, the dirt and the climate here is perfect, thus making it a staple of life for many. Here are a few pictures of the brick making process:
The school director explains the layers of the dirt and how the sub-layer contains the best brick dirt. The guy to the right is showing how the dirt mix with their feet in a hole.

The director shows no fears of a cave-in as he goes deep into the dirt stash.

This gentleman presses the mud into forms and sets the bricks out to dry before they are cooked in the fire (The bricks are cooked for 15 days, and these bricks were set to be baked in 2 days).