Wednesday, October 19, 2011

March in Honor of People with Disabilities

On October 14th there was a sensitization march in Caraz to draw awareness for people with disabilities. Of course the students from the CEBE asistieron (attended), and Kelly the volunteer from Mancos, Ancash (Peru 17) also came along. The march was huge success and lots of school and town folk showed up to support the kids.

Here are a few pictures and a video from the march:

Kelly making some signs for the march.

The CEBE kids lining up to leave. 

The marchers outside the municipality. 

A father with his daughter who received a pair of crutches. 

After the march the municipalidad (municipality) hosted a lunch at a local restaurant (we ate cuy) and I had the pleasure of being seated across from two ladies that happened to be in town because they work for a dog circus based out of Lima. Right now is the temprada del circos/ circus season in Ancash. We've had three circuses come through Caraz in the last month. This particular circus hosts dogs with magic tricks and is loosely based on Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The two ladies (who I regrettably forget their names) happened to be little people, and asked me some very interesting questions about the little person sub-culture in the United States (which proved to be a subject where I'm painfully ignorant). In addition to being a great source of conversation during lunch, they were also very persistent in getting pictures taking with me before I left.

Here's my favorite of those pictures: