Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What to do during a strike

As I mention before the strike is killing my momentum, so I've decided I need to go on the offensive and start my own school-based activities. In addition to English clubs and chess clubs, I've got two club ideas that I'm really excited about. The Yuracoto Gym, and The Club de Ciencias (Science Club).


I'm thinking of combining a variety of life experiences in to one simple plan. I'm thinking a body weight, outdoors gym, that anyone can use would be perfect. I'd use moves I've seen in things like p90x, and incorporate physical activities like slacklines and pull-up challenges to keep the kids interested.

For for me, I started really lifting after getting in serious trouble with my parents in high school (sorry Mom and Dad), and I personally think that exercise is great healthy life-skill that kids in the area could benefit from. Hopefully through this they'll learn to challenge themselves, take care of their body (nutrition, stay away from drugs and alcohol, etc.), and healthy ways to relieve stress. Here's a quick video me of when I used to workout every day in NY City (OJO!! (watch out!!): My friends were playing a song with foul words in it while I worked out, so please mute the sound before watching):

Me in my Prime.

And here's a few pictures of type of gym I'd like to build. This one is on the coast of Lima (our fitness model Cate's showing the proper technique):


Through my membership in the National Association of School Psychologist (NASP) I have got a discount access to on-line science journals. The idea is for School Psychs to look up research based information for their job; however, I use it to find cool science education journals. My money, my membership, I do what I want. Anyway, I found this cool journal (it's actually a 100+ page book) on how to build your own 23 piece water testing kit out of recycled, or easy to find materials. I don't know if I can/should share this file online, so just look for future pictures of the end results.

I plan on combining this with our (Yuracoto's) weather box we built for the GLOBE program. Hopefully through this project the kids get excited about science, the environment, creative thinking, and asking questions (about everything). We'll see.

Here the kids finishing the GLOBE weather box: