Monday, September 17, 2012

Editor-in-Chief of Peacecorts

Meet Cate. A young professional,with a ton of talents and an obvious love for surf. In fact, not too long ago she was one of THE top female surfers in Peru; and gossip has it, she's been known to be seen canoodling with Mick Fanning (a world famous surfer from Australia)  in some of the more popular dicoteccas (dance clubs) of Lima. In her spare time, she likes to surf, ride bikes, surf and surf.

Although, she'll try to claim that she only knows basic English, we recently had the following conversation:

Cate- "Brice, I like your blog, but there are a few (she actually said 'a lot') of errors."
Brice- "Like what?" (rolling my eyes).
C: "Some of them are in Spanish (understandably), but there are also English errors."
B:  (Doubting she read it correctly) "Name one."
C: "The introduction on the main page, you spelled 'group' without an 'r'. I checked all over the internet to see what 'goup' meant, until I realized it was a spelling error."
B: Well, ahh, it's... um... huh... really?! On the front page introduction! Wow, that embarrassing."

Before I get mad at you guys, I'd first like to thank all of my loyal peacecorts insiders for making my little spot on the World Wide Web and global sensation. In a little over a year, I've penned 144 posts, almost reached 13,000 page views, and accumulated a whopping 20 followers. I've pretty much gone viral, all thanks to you. The blog has three main purposes: 1, share my Peace Corps experience and story with my friends and family; 2, introduce people of other cultures to the culture I'm currently living in; and 3; keep a rough record of this time of my life. I appreciate that you guys read this, and get on me when I don't keep you updated...BUT, when a friend has a booger hanging out of his nose, a piece of spinach in his teeth, his fly unzipped, and/or his shirt buttoned wrong, you gotta pull him aside and clue him it. That's what friends are all about.


Due to my blog's explosion of growth, and my very conservative prediction that google and the facebook will soon be looking to buy me out, I've decided to increase the staff here in central office. In addition to the many joke writers, fact-checkers, and local historians on staff, we created the very much needed position of Editor-in-Chief. So without further ado, please let me introduce  and welcome Cate. Any and all grammar/spilleng comments (did that on purpose) should be directed to her, for her immediate review. Here's the link to her direct private email account (she may get swamped, so please expect a one to two month wait time):

Attn: Peacecorts Editor-in-Chief

Did we learn anything in this post? I sure did:

With my service expected to end in less than a year, I've decided to apply this situation to a soon to be very relevant part of my life: the job hunt. The lesson displayed here is two fold: 1) It's all about the impression you can make on people, so make sure your resume is without errors, because that's your first (and sometimes only) impression you get; and finally 2, If you can shrewdly embarrass or humiliate the person interviewing you, you'll definitely make a strong impression and get hired instantly, just like Cate (too bad for her that there's no pay, and no future employer wants to wade through a letter of reference riddled with spelling errors).