Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Update on the Boys

Yeferson and Yordan are doing well. Yefer and I have been having a few run-ins over him watching cartoon network 23 hours a day (one hour is set aside for Dina and I to watch our Telanovela (soap opera) "Corazon Valiente"), but overall he's doing well. We've been having more and more, hombre to hombre talks (he's 7), and now he's really keen on washing the dishes, telling the truth, and taking care of his stuff (Funny, huh dad! Remember how my "Red Rider" looked compared to Adam's?!).

Yordi is a growing quick (he turns 2 years on October 8th) and is now a full blown runner. A few of his favorite things include running, giving kisses, and yelling "Brice" (pronounced Briich).

The first two pictures are the boys playing some backyard bowling. 6 large water bottles and a deflated soccer ball, and you too can join the fun:

Yordan running to give a kiss. 

And finally, Yeferson doing some house chores while Yordi looks on: