Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In Search of Naked Babies

My buddy Sara Jane, lives at the my entrance point of a famous hike here in Ancash/Peru, the Santa Cruz Trek. Entonces (So), during tourist season, she sees a lot extranjeros (strangers/foreigners) walk by her doorstep. In one case, it was a couple who had brought a bunch of gently used children's clothing to Peru to give away. However, according to Sara, they had a tough time finding clothes for one kid in a previous village, and wound up feeling horrible as all the other kids got "new" clothes, minus the one kid. So they passed the clothes onto business owner here in Caraz, who then passed them on to Sara. However, Sara wasn't having much luck finding naked babies in need, so she passed them on to me. After a quick search through my site, I came to realize that it would be best to give the goods to our health post, so they could distribute them as needed, to the new mothers in need. Here is a couple of pics of my health post receiving the clothing.