Sunday, May 6, 2012

Special Education School Update

Dia de Caraz Parade:
April 16th was the Dia de Caraz Parade, and I marched through the town center with the Special Education School. Peru loves it's dias de... so I'm getting very accustomed to the hoopla of that comes with the each parade. So without further ado here are a few shots of the parade:

Jaime, a graduate of the school, came back dressed in his best military suit ready to lead.

Since it was a big town celebration, a lot of people came down from the alturas (highlands). I found this image of the these Sierra women in typical dress waiting for the ATM too interesting not to take the picture. I did it sneakily, as to not embarrass anyone, explaining the lack of a tighter shot. 

Every school's color guard was present. 

The big flag being marched through square by the town big-wigs. 

The Yuracoto color guard. 

Yesenia and Jaimi lead us. 

We (the Special Ed School) marched in a single file line and I brought up the rear while snapping photos. Here is us passing the military band. 

The town big wigs. The mayor (Dr.Fidel) is the in the red ribbon, next to the guy in the red sash. I'm not sure who the rest are, but should probably give a shout out to them for helping pay for paint used in my world map project.  

Gelatina (jello) is the hot new item at the special education school. We have a fully stocked kitchen, and I've been working on teaching the kids the basic of how to use it, and while doing so we've graduated from making chicha morada (a juice drink) to gelatina. The kids love it, the parents report that their kids want to make it at home, and I find myself almost as excited about jello as when I was in college.

Student Birthdays:
So we had three kids have birthdays the same week. So to celebrate the santos (birthday kids) Paula, Kenny, and Pilar, we threw a little bash. I made Gelatina. 

Jaimi showed up in his dancing shoes. 

Profesora Vio made chicha morada. 

The kids.