Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dia del Trabajador (Workers Day/Labor Day)

MAY 2nd was Peru's version of Labor day. It fell on a Tuesday, so everyone had a four day weekend. That meant two things: I had a little free time, and Roger had to get ready for the onslaught pachamanca (underground BBQ) orders from the costumers at the restaurant. So with this, and mother's day coming up, he needed to go out and pick leaves (used to wrap the meat, as well as cover the cooking pits) while there was still time. So one Wednesday (April 25th) we got up with the sun (5:30ish) and went to his favorite spot near the Rio Santa (the river behind my site). By 7:00am we were headed back to the house with a full bag of fresh leaves, hungry, and wet form the rain soaked vegetation.  Here are some visuals:

Looking towards Caraz that morning.

Roger's secret stash.

The haul. 

Long road home. 

Cordillera Blanca in the back ground.