Saturday, November 19, 2011

Meeting the Basic Requirements

In addition to being a US citizen, above the age of 18, and having a college degree (or significant work experience), I have been truly slacking on meeting the last basic requirement for Peace Corps service, I didn't have a hammock. However, I can now proudly report that this minor flaw has been remedied. Due to Jeff, a volunteer living 2 hours away (my site mate), needing a place to crash when he passes through my site, I purchased a hammock. Now Jeff doesn't need to borrow my host father's mattress and sleep on the floor with the spiders, he can dangle in style.   

It's hung from the logs/sticks supporting my roof. I was trying to think of a different method (i.e. building a frame from wood or metal) but it was too costly, and Roger is confident that the roof beams can hold the weight; however, he added that if they bend or we hear any cracking noises, we should move quickly. That's the kind of confidence that insures a good night's sleep. I didn't tell Jeff this (hopefully he doesn't read my blog... but shout out to Jeff if does, you'll be a great test pilot).

Here's the Y-man testing it out (Don't worry I tested it before he got on... while wearing my bike helmet).