Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How about we make it a Biblioteca?

Roger and his father (who came down from the alturas/highlands for a couple of days) have begun to construct an new addition to the house: a room for the gringo. I´m really happy where I´m at, I have a huge room, privacy, and a window that lets in the morning sun, so really can´t ask for more; nor do I want anything different. So I´ve started pitching the idea of a biblioteca (library) for Yeferson and I to read in. At first this idea took off like a lead balloon; however, after explaining how it would be advantageous for Yefer to have quiet and consistant place to study, my host-parents are starting to show a little more buy-in on the plan.

...Also a month back I got sick of my bed rocking like I was a riding a bucking bronco everytime I moved, so one night I nailed it to the adobe wall (using a brick and some nails I had in my room). Nine nails and a less than mint-condition head board later, my bed doesn´t move, but´s it going to be a real pain to take down.

Here´s a video of the construction crew working on the new library that may soon outshine the Library of Congress: