Saturday, June 11, 2011

Staging to Training (DC to outside of Chaclacayo, Peru)

Wow! Can't believe I'm here. In fact,  I'm pretty sure I giggled myself to sleep last night due to the excitement. However, before we discuss my current location, here are a few pics of our (51 Americans, ages 21-32) transition to Peru:
Regan Airport Leaving for Training

Waiting for our flight to Miami

My ticket

Me at customs with my bags.

We arrived at the airport and was welcomed by the Peace Corps (PC) staff prior to imagrations. The PC staff had arranged for us to use the diplomatic lane and also cleared us to quickly pass through customs, making outhe Lima airport a breeze.  There were 2 busses waiting for us, and a super welcoming PC staff. Everyone was in good spirits and we drove for an hour (30 Kilometers) east to our current retreat site (outside of Chaclacayo).

The retreat place is NICE, but I didn't realize it until the morning. My site my roomate is Kyle, from Georgia, and everyone seems excited to be here. The following is a video shot later in the 6/11/2011 ( after the morning fog had kinda cleared).

Later in the day

Basically, it seems that we're here to meet the PC staff, while they begin to see the makeup of our group, Peru 17, and size up the individual members. In addition to introductions, we've had trainings in: Safety and Security, Survival Spanish, Basic Assignment Training (broken up by groups: Youth or Small Business) , Medical Information, and various other logistical activities (getting paid and being setup with a host family in the nearby community for the next two months).

We'll get to meet our first family tomorrow, so I'm not sure what to expect. During the brief interview I said I don't mind pets, have no alergies, speak Spanish, don't have any food concerns, and have lived successfully with a hispanic host family before. In addition to this, I nominated myself to take the interviewer's "most difficult" family. That may have been a little to ambitious, but what the heck, I'm in PERU! It can't be that bad.