Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pie (pee a) grande vs. construction

Three things you need to know before reading this post:

First, Pie Grande en Ingles is Big Foot. Yes, the same creature that may, or may not, live in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.

Second, My host family are all carptenters and they are all working on remodeling the second floor of my house. My host father is a master mason and does some pretty good work with cement and ceramic tiles.

Third, I use to roof with a master roofer, who once accused a fellow co-worker of being "Big Foot" after he got too comfortable on a roof while cutting up ridge shingles and scuffed up a new roof pretty bad (Belt MT, HUD Houses, 2005ish).

Anyway, after about a week of my host family remodling, I came home to an almost finished second floor. Just before I could start rambling greetings and praise for hard work, my host dad told me not to step where I was currently stepping. Yep, planted my foot right into some nicely molded, wet cement. Of course I felt bad, and apoligized for not looking before I stepped, and of course he was courtious in accepting my apology. However, I had to laugh when he said "Esta bein Pie Grande, esta bein" (Its fine Big Foot, it's fine).

Who knew Big Foot also terrorizes construction sites in Peru? That thing really needs to be found and brought to justice.