Thursday, June 9, 2011

Staging in Washington, D.C. 6/9/2011

Staging is a 7 hour info session to break-the-ice and introduce the Peace Corps' core expectations. It allows the future volunteers to introduce themselves and discuss their anxieties and aspirations. In my groupo there are 51 of us, with most being in the area of "Youth and Community Development" and rest in "Small Business Development".

What I took away from staging was:

Anxities: My limited espanol, wondering if I brought too much stuff, getting stuck in a site that isn't a good fit for me (i.e. far from the mountains).

Aspirations: Improving mi espanol, meeting some good people, experiencing things that few people have.

3 Core Goals of Peace Corps:
   1. Promote world peace and friendship through providing trained manpower
   2. Promote a better understanding of the American people around the world.
   3. Better the American people's understanding of other cultures.

Brief Version of the Peace Corps Mission:
"Promote world peaceand friendship overseas while making a difference in people's lives through genersity, civic pride, a strong work ethic, and commitment to service".

It hasn't been all business. My roommate, Adrian from Southern California (and with roots in San Luis Potosi, Mexico) did walk down to the monuments and White House.

FYI... It's 90 (plus) degrees and humid.